Swedish Army Jeep coat

Swedish Army Jeep coat.

A few years ago I was given this jacket by a friend who no longer wanted it and after a little use put it int he loft and forgot about it.

However with the coming cold weather I wanted a parka to wear and while routing around found the Swedish army jeep coat - and boy am I glad I did.

The coats quite a heavy peice of kit but its worth its weight in gold in cold weather!! The design is simple enough with buttons down the front, reversed buttons for the last two holes at the bottom - button and tag adjusted cuffs and two bulgy lower pockets. The liner is of a heavy pile, similar to the helly hanson field jacket, which can be buttoned into the parka or as below worn on its own thanks to crafty little fabric loops that allow the liner buttons to be used.

The outer jackets material is a heavy cotton and not disimilar to that of the Snow smock, which is commonly dyed by folks, and its totally windproof as far as I can see and the outer jacket worn on its own makes a excellent field jacket in its own right.

The jackets available on line for around £25 and to be honest I think its worth ever penny and more. I will certainly be wearing mine more often and if not worn it will definately be in my sack ready for the next cold night!


Survivall said...

I've just been informed the swedish army get issued this jacket as a standard issue item and guys wear them in cold weather - even sleeping in them like blankets when in tented locations ............

Finnman said...

Very cool looking jacket and great price! Wish to find one here also.