The Grey .......... a movie review!!

This weeekend I went to see a excellent movie, The Grey.

OK so it's not strictly a bushcraft item but it is outdoorsy, and if it inspires someone to venture forth and embrace the nature is that a bad thing?

In essence while appearing a "bushcrafty" type film this is not really one however. The story is about a group of plane crash survivors who are stalked by a pack of Wolves in the snowy realms of the arctic. The behaviour of the wolves is debatable from a natural prespective and the survivors make, IMO, many text book survival mistakes so dont go thinking of it as a trainging manual either.

The sceneic views are stunning and if you like the arctic you'll enjoy it for the cold climate alone!

I havent, however, seen a film for a long time which made me stop and think like this one did, not just about the skills or content and story but theres something deeper and a little haunting about it. I cant really put my finger on it but this film has left me a little disturbed, haunted by a resonance I am still trying to work out.

Its a great film and well worth a view, dont expect a happy ending but sometimes lifes like that - I will definately be seeing it a second time and recommend it.



Johan van Dijk said...

That's on the 'To See' list. Recently watched 'The Hunter' and enjoyed it (Tasmania based story)....

Talk soon. Grtz Johan

Perkunas said...

I have been wathcing it NOW for 38 minutes and i think i like this movie quite a bit,sir.

Finnman said...

I watched that in cinema last monday and yes it was great movie for long time!

- Finnman