Twas the weekend before Christmas

And all through the woods nothing was moving except two strange old dudes .......... But the point of this post isnt to tell a tale of adventure its merely to point out,

1, The strangeness of the weather were having at the moment - and I dont like it!

2, To wish all our readers and friends a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a bushcrafty NEW YEAR!


Another idea for the winter WEISS emergency pack

Great video from a excellent Swedish school and some good ideas for the winter WEISS emergency pack ..............


Norwegian army Rucksack

Another item in the back to basics theme. This is a classic outdoorsman sack and my very first rucksack was very similar to this, I got it as a christmas present when I was 15 years old and loved it.

In hind sight it now reminds me of a FROST River Nessmuk but where the Frost River costs hundreds of pounds this tough as old boots sack cost me less than a tenner ............and I love it!!