Swedish Snow smocks ............... dyed and excellent


I have just read with great interest an article about dying a swedish army snow smock and how good they are (attached) I whole heartedly agree.

I have had one which I dyed orange and use on arctic/sub arctic courses for a while now and I agree with the author these are hands down better than ventile ........................ as long as you remember they arent trying to be waterproof jackets!

I say that as ventile often is sold as being supposedly waterproof ........ which it isnt as the whole premiss of ventile is the fibres swell when wet creating a barrier - once saturated the water passes through .......... hence not waterproof just resistant! And I speak from experience both of Snowsled and West winds ventiles ...........further more a down side of Ventile is its like cardboard when wet, stiff and clammy and takes an age to dry! Dont forgot the price which is eye poppingly high! Ventile IS tough - it is windproof but thats as far as it goes hence its popularity in the dry cold!

I almost wet myself reading some of the comments on the linked article - surely a ventile seller wouldnt defend his product lol ........ as for some of the other replies well you make up your own mind!!

One thing I would say is double layer ventile is MORE resistant than single layer for sure - stands to reason!

Anyway as I say these smocks arent pretending to be waterproof - if your expecting rain buy a goretex or a aquafoil or similar jacket ............. if you want a well made, well priced, tough as old boots smock to wear over your expensive mid and base layers then the snow smock might just fit your bill ..........

Experience counts for a lot these days when prices are so high and my experience is thus, there are two types of bushcrafters - whose who have good kit and use it and those who buy expensive kit and defend it!

Oh and I'm off to Devon for a weeks hiking on Exmoor in my Paramo windshirt and Cascade jacket ................

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