Just a thought

Wool clothing ........... so many self proclaimed experts preach the wonders of wool, especially those who sell it! But recently, while reading a book about Dunkirk where the the soldiers were infested with lice living in the seams of their wool serge battle dress, I began to wonder if this was a potential down fall of wool??

Admittedly these days very few of us actually live outdoors and close to nature for periods longer than a few days, but surely part of our hobby is the training for, and dreams of living in the wild long term.

As such clothing attractive to lice might not be so good - admittedly most modern manufacturers wash in some kind of mould and pesticide but this doesnt offer long term protection!

Is wool really a bushcrafters friend?? A evening of research found hundreds of references to lice and woollen clothing - but none for lice in modern clothing, even polycotton uniforms ......... not conclusive but defo worth remembering next time you pnder buying that expensive wool shirt ...........

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