Moose Safari

Hi Folks, Just returned from a excellent trip to my beloved Sweden and had a great evening with Preben on a new programme we run now at Nordmarken Canoe - the moose safari!! A nature watchers dream these evening trips take in the local areas most common Moose visiting locations as Preben says, "I know the Moose like to go to these places in the evening so we can always find them and take pictures," then with a twinkle in his eye he chuckles and adds, "Fun they stand there when I have a camera in my hand ....... but never when I have my gun!"

The moose safari is avaialble from us as a free addition to most trips and courses but to avoid disappointment as upon booking to check availability.

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Preben Mortensen said...

Hi Gary
The big moose is still alive. We shot 12 others and to morrow 3/11 I will be hunting moose again. Big Bushcraft to get winter food for 5-6 month.
All the best
Prteben M.