Canoe trips in September .............. the Swedish season is long enough for daring Brits

And best of all you generally have the lakes to yourself as the Swedes dont seem to like to be out in this season - the canoe season in Arjang at least usually ending end of August start of September!!

Our little trip was excellent - we had several days with temperatures in the 30C range - but to add to the adventure we also had a day or two of thick grey misty fog - making navigating a must but canoeing easy as the lake was mill pond still.........

Nights beside a cosy campfire, warmed with a wee dram of something nice and no mosi's make eveings as magical as the days ..........we had a great time watching the flocks of geese heading south, the misty dawns and the short but sunny days all added together to make the whole trip a chilled out adventure!!


Perkunas said...

Hello G man,

looking by the pics, youre having pretty darn good time out there with the sworn enemy, the Swedes :)

Har du drickat Pripps Blå där ?

Finnman said...

Hi Gary,

Nice to see that you enjoy your time in scandinavian nature. Looks like great landscapes there!