Bushcraft tripod ring

Bushcraft tripod ring.

The new simple way to carry all the items you need to make a sturdy tripod anywhere. Why struggle to carry a full sized metal tripod deep into the bush when you can slip one of our tripod rings into a pack or pocket??

Constructed from 3mm steel which is powder coated for protection - the ring measures 13.5 cm in diameter.

For more details or to see it in action please view the video below (excuse the other out takes!!) ............

RRP - 5.99 GBP plus 3.50 recorded delivery postage to UK.

More than 20 available!


Waldgeistman said...

Love the out takes Gaz!!! Whats the weight of the chain looks quite robust/heavy? great idea.

Survivall said...

Yep the chain is but its one I had laying around so thrifty as I am I used it - a lighter chain or even a snare wire etc could easily be used.

Thanks the Tripod rings a simple idea that works - I'm impressed by it!