Bushcraft tripod ring

Bushcraft tripod ring.

The new simple way to carry all the items you need to make a sturdy tripod anywhere. Why struggle to carry a full sized metal tripod deep into the bush when you can slip one of our tripod rings into a pack or pocket??

Constructed from 3mm steel which is powder coated for protection - the ring measures 13.5 cm in diameter.

For more details or to see it in action please view the video below (excuse the other out takes!!) ............

RRP - 5.99 GBP plus 3.50 recorded delivery postage to UK.

More than 20 available!


Travelling to Arjang just got easier to plan

Thanks to Swedbus getting a new website which allows us to book our tickets on line ........... now you can plan your entire trip without hassel - and know exactly when you will reach Arjang!

Cool eh .........


Canoe trips in September .............. the Swedish season is long enough for daring Brits

And best of all you generally have the lakes to yourself as the Swedes dont seem to like to be out in this season - the canoe season in Arjang at least usually ending end of August start of September!!

Our little trip was excellent - we had several days with temperatures in the 30C range - but to add to the adventure we also had a day or two of thick grey misty fog - making navigating a must but canoeing easy as the lake was mill pond still.........

Nights beside a cosy campfire, warmed with a wee dram of something nice and no mosi's make eveings as magical as the days ..........we had a great time watching the flocks of geese heading south, the misty dawns and the short but sunny days all added together to make the whole trip a chilled out adventure!!

Fun-gi to be with ....................

This is the time of year is prime Fungi harvesting time in Sweden, the varmland area has a particularly good crop of Chanterelle, horn of plenty and similar tasty species.

Of course if your unsure of your FUNGI ID always cross check against a good guide book before you consume - Roger Philips being a good example.

But once you know what your doing the above pictures show you how much an be harvested in just one day ...........mushroomfastic!! And tasty too!!

Moose Safari

Hi Folks, Just returned from a excellent trip to my beloved Sweden and had a great evening with Preben on a new programme we run now at Nordmarken Canoe - the moose safari!! A nature watchers dream these evening trips take in the local areas most common Moose visiting locations as Preben says, "I know the Moose like to go to these places in the evening so we can always find them and take pictures," then with a twinkle in his eye he chuckles and adds, "Fun they stand there when I have a camera in my hand ....... but never when I have my gun!"

The moose safari is avaialble from us as a free addition to most trips and courses but to avoid disappointment as upon booking to check availability.