Cold Steel Spatznes Shovel ............ more

As you may know from my previous vidoe I am a fan of the entrenching tool ......... well found these on you tube - and they go a long way to re-enforce my liking!!


Days hiking in Essex

Its a fun fact about bushcraft that I often find myself covetting what Robert Service called "the land beyond" - Sweden for example is a place I often site and dream off and yet its so easy to forget the wonderful country we all have on our doors steps - where we live in London or Brussels or New York it doesnt matter as usually a short drive away is usually some mighty fine countryside. It might not be the home of wolves and Bear, you might not be able to lose yourself in the wilderness for weeks on end - but you can still practice your bushcraft, revise skills, enjoy the fresh air and get a little exercise as well.

Better to enjoy that which nature have given you than to pine for that which you cant have!