Bunny Woods again

Spent this last weekend in the Bunny woods and boy did it rain - pissing down, cats and dogs, however you describe it is was grim!

But the prefect weather to test out a surplus desert cam tarp in a diamond shelter style rig ...........

And to make another movie in the bushcraft 101 series (to follow once i sort out PC problems)

And lastly you wear my new hat!


Ever wondered what the weiss course is .........

Sadly I have a laptop problem so this isnt as good as I had hoped.

Once I get a new Laptop I'll remake this and add all the footage I want to but for now enjoy ..................


Many visitors to Sweden know of the Allemansratten but arent sure of what they are allowed to do - some think its freedom to do what they like!

Here is a simple breakdown - some things to remember when out in the countryside.

1. Allemansratten is a unique and ancient law in Sweden. Its give everyone the right of access to the countryside, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors and its life. It also requires visitors to show respect to the countryside and and owners.

2. it is forbidden to leave litter. Unless you have land owner permission you are not allowed to cut green (living) trees even to take branches. You can not enter newly sown fields or camp near houses or take short cuts over gardens. You can be prosecuted and punished for such offenses. Additionally you will be forced to pay compensation to the land owner.

3. Before your trip find out if a fire ban is in place in your area.

4. If fire is allowed always have water handy to help control it and in case of accidents. A spade and a knife are also advised (these can be hired from canoe centres ect when booking)

5. When lighting fires you should only do this where there is minimal risk of it spreading - base and surround the fire with stones and sand - charcoal grills in specially built fire pits are still allowed even in general fire bans but the charcoal can only be lit with fire lighting fluid not from a fire.

6. Dont start fire on bare rock

7. Put the fire out carefully using plenty of water. dig down into the soil to ensure no fire in smouldering below ground.

8. when camping remember that there should be a gap between tents or caravans of at least 4 meters.

9. Never have a open fire in a tent

10. if the tent catches fire it with soon be engulfed as such always keep a knife handy to cut yourself out.

11. Bear in mind the risks when using Butane, propane and other forms of LPG - CHECK THAT ALL VALVES AND SEALS ARE IN GOOD CONDITION AND WORK PROPERLY.

12. Electric cables to caravans should be short to minimise risk of damage.

13. there are always alarms and fire extinguishers at campsites take note of where they are and know how to call the fire brigade.


I hope that clarifies things a little - if in doubt, ask!!


Winter WEISS tips

For those thinking of attending the winter weiss training in march 2012 - the below article is a good little pointer as are Mors' other articles found on the same link.


canoeing video

Found this great little video on you tube - these guys hired canoes from nordmarken and paddled our lakes so its a great little display of the nature and the fun to be had "in our back yard" .......... Enjoy!!