A true Arjanger

Having spent two weeks at my house in Sweden I was quiet chuffed when Gun, Prebens wife pointed out that now I was a true Arjanger ........... why?

Because I have now joined the wood squirreling club .. saving wood for Stove with the fevered intensist of a demented squirrell!! According to Arjang mythology wood should be felled in winter - split in spring and stored before midsummer to ensure it's ready for the autumn's chill

Another feature of my time in Sweden was enjoying the nature - I have deliberately left the woods and meadows around my place alone, and my efforts have been rewarded already. My flower meadows are buzzing with life especially insects and birds, now I'm no twitcher but even I recognised yellow bunting's, wagtails, black birds, robins and tits among others but my favourite 'visitors' are the moose!! Yep every evening a pair of moose visit the stream and meadows - what a fantastic sight to behold!!

Picture taken 11 oclock at night in a mist - moose is approx 100m from my front door so I apologise for the quality

Hopefully as time goes by more and more 'visitors' will drop by my little house in the praire and if they do I'll keep you posted!!

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Bergmann Survival said...

I never get sick of the moose...