Belgian Army PUP TENT

Well I'm back from the wall - great weeks hiking which we'll look at later, for now I want to do a quick review of the Belgain Army Pup tent. It'll be quick as there isnt much to say ........ well not much positive anyway.

The pup tent design isnt new - one soldier carries one section and two soldiers teamed up make a tent. These tents arent generally very light and the Belgian one isnt weighing in a around 3.8KG and comes with poles, pegs and guys (depending on supplier these can be metal or wood and supplied or missing from the set) pricing is around £20.

Pro's - tent material is 100% waterproof, tent interior is light proof, materials are very robust, 1 section can make a adequate lean too.

Con's - heavy, non-breatable tent (I had condensation dripping on me one night), various parts missing from ebay suppliers, no way I could find to erect with ridged sides and top, tent length is just too short for someone 5'11".

Summary - the pro's listed are good points and it'd make a great play tent for kids. But as a serious tent sorry you'd be better off spending your £20 on a budget tent instead.

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Perkunas said...

its pretty similar to the german version i have,that is way too short for me (tents 170cm and me,192cm). but those are made bomb proof,if nothing else and man can never have enough shelters you know.