Army days

Hi all,

Off to Sweden in the morning to run this years temperate WEISS course which I plan on filming to give folks an idea of the mysterys that sourround it .......... and maybe make it a little less scary for the timid among you who really wanna do it arent sure.

Anyway my old laptop died so I have a new one and while I was playing with it found these old pictures on a external hard drive ...... just a few from my old army days - hope you enjoy.


Bergmann Survival said...

Armys days..How far away they feel..Nice blog..Would you like to swap links?

contact me @




Survivall said...

Hi Bergmann, sure thing on the links .......

Bergmann Survival said...

Hi..I never got a reply notice..sorry for the late revisit..Ive posted your link on my site..its been there for quiet some time..hope it helps generate more visits for your awesome blog site..

Skog Heil!