Army days

Hi all,

Off to Sweden in the morning to run this years temperate WEISS course which I plan on filming to give folks an idea of the mysterys that sourround it .......... and maybe make it a little less scary for the timid among you who really wanna do it arent sure.

Anyway my old laptop died so I have a new one and while I was playing with it found these old pictures on a external hard drive ...... just a few from my old army days - hope you enjoy.


Kydex Sheath video

This weekend whilst I was running survival/bushcraft training for members of the MOD and took a few minutes one morning to make this little video - hope you enjoy.


Bearclaw is dead ......... long live Nordmarken

Dear Reader it is with a mixed emotions that I tell you that Bearclaw bushcraft is no more. Today we finally closed down.

Mixed emotions because I am at the same time more than a little pleased and excited to be part of the Nordmarken Canoe organisation which has been going strong for over 40 or more years!!

The future is very bright as my summer house as well as my heart is in Sweden so I look forward to greeting many of you there!!

Emails for those who have the old Bearclaw addresses have changed - now you can reach me at nordmarkencanoe@gmai​ or



Walking in the Shadow of the Legions

Last week myself, Steve and Mike hiked Hadrians wall again ....... heres a little video diary of the trip!


Belgian Army PUP TENT

Well I'm back from the wall - great weeks hiking which we'll look at later, for now I want to do a quick review of the Belgain Army Pup tent. It'll be quick as there isnt much to say ........ well not much positive anyway.

The pup tent design isnt new - one soldier carries one section and two soldiers teamed up make a tent. These tents arent generally very light and the Belgian one isnt weighing in a around 3.8KG and comes with poles, pegs and guys (depending on supplier these can be metal or wood and supplied or missing from the set) pricing is around £20.

Pro's - tent material is 100% waterproof, tent interior is light proof, materials are very robust, 1 section can make a adequate lean too.

Con's - heavy, non-breatable tent (I had condensation dripping on me one night), various parts missing from ebay suppliers, no way I could find to erect with ridged sides and top, tent length is just too short for someone 5'11".

Summary - the pro's listed are good points and it'd make a great play tent for kids. But as a serious tent sorry you'd be better off spending your £20 on a budget tent instead.