Woods Wanted

Woodland access wanted.

Basically dear reader I'm feeling a little wander lust and want to explore pastures new and as such would be interested to hear from anyone who has woodland access or vermin (rabbit) control issues who wouldnt mind allowing us access to their sites.

Alternatively I was wondering if anybody fancies arranging or being involved with a meet up of bushcraft bloggers .............. it would be fantastic to meet some of you guys and to share skills and stories in the flesh rather than on this cold and faceless medium!!

So there you go - woodland access? Rabbit problems? Or a genuine olde worlde bushcraft bloggers Rendevous!!

Anyone interested??


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Definitely - though sadly I'm in the same boat access to my permission is suspended while the ground recovers

Perkunas said...

At the beginning of 2012 here would be HUGE area to play in,Gary !

And even before that,it can be arranged just like that.....

In good old Finland wher the Every Mans Rights truly are better than in the popular Sweden ;)

Survivall said...

Mikko I know mate I am defo coming to visit you "one day"

SBW - sorry to hear that mate. Hopefully we'll sort out somewhere for all the bloggers eh - sadly my bunny woods is to small for meets ect - fingers crossed eh! Failing that we'll have to have a meet at my place in Sweden at least there my forest is big enough!

SWECANOE said...

Hi Gary
I can help you with a great Rendevous here in Nordmarken Sweden. Then folks from GB and Scandinavia can go to gether like we do with The Macfie Canoe Club. We dont need access to land we have our own, so very welcome.
The information from Perkunas is not right we do have a great system to have Every Mans Right to other peoples land and I have been doing it since 1956 witout any problem and still in business.

Survivall said...

Hi Preben - thats a great idea!! We can talk about this more as I think Sweden is pretty central to all of europe so guys from Finland or Holland can all travel there

Would we just have a bushcraft/survival meet or shall we see if we can have a market for bushcraft traders and outdoors companies too?

This could be great fun!!