Fundamental Bushcraft 101 on youtube

For a long time I've been thinking about making a series of bushcraft video's for the novice bushcrafter based on the fundamental skills taught by most bushcraft schools which, like myself, hail from the Ray Mears school of bushcraft ways. The idea is to cover in bit size chunks all the skills covered on the average weekend course to allow the novice to watch and then practice them for themselves.

I know so schools will bitch about it costing them customers etc but in times of financial woe I feel it only right to allow folks to learn the skills which are all our rights to know for free and gratis.

Sadly the size and time limits on Youtube make content tight but below are the first of what I hope will be many.

Remember theres more than one way to skin a cat so while these vid's may help, practice and more practice will see people learn their own ways of doing things and that in the long run is what its all about!!



Perkunas said...

Good stuff, keep them coming man.
I liked the way you told about F1`s. Many see even them as more combat-like knives but since i got mine from you, ive loved it. Its rugged as helll,yet its slim and capable to do fine detail work but stil it takes enormous beating too without anything breaking.

Survivall said...

Hi ya - Yep totally agree and thats the F1's magic it is tough, I've used it for things I'd never dream of using a single bevel knife for and it always comes out ok - a true survival knife in every sense.

steve said...

Great vids Gary keep them coming,I am a big fan of the mora tri flex and the f1 both great blades for bushcrafting, looking forward to your next vid ...