BBC Radio

Just a quick note to any listeners of BBC Essex the interview I did last weekend is being aired 7.40 on wednesday ....................if you miss that I'll also be a guest on a gardening programme talking about foraging in the not to distant future so watch this space!


BBC Essex Young Farmers

Essex young farmers - can you tell?

This has been a busy weekend for myself and Steve from the NmUK team as we spent it in the company of 11 fantastic people from the Essex Young Farmers and BBC Essex.

Steve teaching carving skills

The weather was kind to us - chilly but dry (perfect) as we combined so work for the BBC with a course being run for the young farmers.

Anne, mistress of the bow saw!

The students impressed us no end with their postive attitudes and eagerness to try the new skills we gave them.

How many girls does it take to get a steve to split a peice of wood?

Anne and Anne .......... blimey

As well as the bushcraft we also recorded a short interview for BBC Essex and below we can see Anne recording the crackle of the fire for the programme! ") 

The boys preparing for their fire lighting test

A great time was had by all and we hope to be able to spend more time in the company of these guys whose charitable work deserved a mention also!