Hi Hunny I'm home .......... well back at least - home is after all where the heart is!

Nothing Bushcrafty in this post dear reader just a quick note to let you know I'm back and the trading post is open again!

Although I will add a quick note about the route taken on this occassion - usually I fly to Sweden via Oslo and get the bus which is a easy, convenient budget route. This time I decided to drive - taking the ferry to Ejsberg in Denmark.

For the canoeist who wants to bring his own gear to nordmarken this is a excellent option - and depending on your endurance the scandinavian side can be done is one long drive or broken up into a day or two with site seeing in between!!

The route is simple and well sign posted and the Odense and Malmo bridges are both novel sites to drive over too!

All in all the ferry is a very relaxing way to cross to scandinavian and the drive up to Sweden while around £400 miles isnt hard and is helped by the fact the scandinavian drivers are more polite than in the uk, the speeds are slower and thus more relaxing and there is much less traffic on the roads than in UK!

So another option for the hardy traveller wishing to join us in bushcrafter heaven


Perkunas said...

Hey man,again.

That house looks pretty cozy,have you ever been in trouble adjusting to Swedish living,as it must be bit different than UK life i think ?

I hope its better in Sweden.

Well,i have to go to stalk your Trading Post for those sale 's that you mentioned some time ago :).

Dee said...

I can vouch for that journey too. Though found the trip from Tilbury to Göteborg was much easier although it is a longer boat journey but less milage if going north.
Your place is looking fantastic and am very happy you have realised your dream!

Survivall said...

Tilbury to Goteborg - whose that with Dee?

Dee said...

I used DFDS Tor Line, cargo ships - they will take passengers and vehicle. It was cheaper when taking into account additional costs of tolls and fuel when traveling via Denmark. Excellent food too.