Och Varmland jag komma - barra!

Well dear reader I hope my recent short silence hasnt left your life devoid of pleasure ....... Im sure it hasnt after all who could miss my ramblings??

Anyway just a short post to keep you abreast of events as we begin the build up winter!

So whats new?

Well, as reported before we are nearing the final stages of the creation, or recreation of the BFK - trail tools are reaching completion and I look forward to getting out and testing these - with a aim of relaunching the range (with a free lazer inscription service) in time for Christmas.

Secondly I am at present trialing a new item designed by myself which I am calling The Tripod Ring, totally unique to Bearclaw these items are designed for the dedicated outdoors man and while the consept is unique to me these items are so effective I am sure it'll not be long before the masses of imitators out there rip off the design and clones appear ........ but for now its unique to me and until I'm ready I'm keeping the design secret!

Lastly, with interest in Nordmarken canoe UK slowly picking up its a good time to pop over to Sweden for a little vacation and thats exactly what I'm doing today - going over via the Harwich to Esjberg Ferry and driving up country so making a expedition of the thing - sadly a necessity as I need to take over a load of demo items ready for the running of courses for next year from Troll Hem. This will mean as well as Risviken we can now also host events at our new location too! Exciting times - Sweden the home of bushcraft is becoming home to Bearclaw too!!

So thats the news all that remains is to let you all know that so (oct) we will be running the first ever sale at our trading post. This will mean that the items we already sell at unbelievably good value prices offering better vaslue than our competitors will be even better value with free gifts and even free postage where applicable!!

Happy Shrafting people!!

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