whats brown and sticky ............

A stick!

But that is unless its been in the hands of my old friend Tomo. Seems like only yesterday I was teaching him how to carve a spoon one warm sunny day - little did I know the seed I was sowing as now his spoons are spectacular but its his carved walking sticks that shine!

Walking sticks, staffs call them what you will are great items for the hikers and the bushcrafter to carry and use - ranging in use from a walking stick to a bash pole and everything in between.

Tomo's particular skill is in the carving of faces onto the shaft - woodland spirits, Thor or Odin each face has its own character and charm.

If your interested in obtaining such and item or would like a master class to carve your own - drop me a line at Bearclaw Bushcraft.

Tomo's sticks are the two outer ones in the right hand picture!

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