More cadets .............

This weekend I got to spend time running another bushcraft course for air cadets - this time for squadrons based over in Kent.

I also go to meet a few old friends from the cadets and to share the company of my old army buddy Tomo.

The Majority of the cadets were there doing there Duke of Edingburg awards so werent involved with us but a few lucky guys, some less than 6 months in uniform, got to experience the pleasures of bushcraft.

For these we covered the usual basic skills fire, food, shelter and water as well as the cutting tool skills for axe, knife and saw.

Overall the cadets worked well and a high standard was achieved - the entire weekend was excellent, the weather was humid and the lush folige almost jungle like - the odd shower added to the realism and ensured that the group shelter was well built warm and toasty.


As always its a pleasure to teach the next generation the skills of our forebears and a privilage to know they will one day take foreward the lessons taught them to the generations to come. As the song says "children are the future, teach them well"


Waldgeistman said...

Gary, once again I enjoyed the weekend. I always learn at least 2 skills everytime we meet. Great stuff.


Survivall said...

pleased to hear it mate - look forward to spending more time on/in your patch - that last spot would be great in winter under the snow I think!

Finnman said...

What are the knives cadets are using? Those looks like finnish "Finman" knives?



Survivall said...

hi Kai - good eyes there fella they are old Kellam finnish puuko knives my friend.