Exciting news - the BFK could well be back!! British made, with nickle silver butt plate and rosewood scales (lending its Scandinavian style a British flavour)

I'm taking names to work out the level of interest but not, as yet, comitment - if your interested please email me at bearclaw.

In the mean time I am to end trials before Christmas and have the first batch ready for Santa to deliver!!

For those who dont know the BFK below is a picture of the MK I

And best of all I reckon the MkII will even cost less - win win all round!!

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Perkunas said...

That aint too bad,man,really!

i think i havent ever even seen that mk1,not to mention mk11.

the most eye catching thing in that pic,is that the knife seems to have more of a leuku type handle....i mean the butt of it.great for chopping and when using the knife in cold conditions,especially with frozen gloves taht we here often have to face.