Another bunny wood weekend

Another weekend down in the bunny woods - vermin control never was such fun! Or as tasty!!

Upon arrival I was greeted by a target rich enviroment so before I even hoisted my rucksack onto my back I had potted my first bunny!

But that was the only rabbit I shot the whole weekend as I wanted to conscentrate on snares and as such we put out a total of 16 snares and these took 9 bunnies in a 24 hour period which I thought was quite impressive - we worked a differnet part of the area to last time and I think this was one reason for the success - also due to lack of fresh sign I am almost convinced we harvested most of the rabbits in the old area last time.

I set out a mix of snares, some the traditional english style the rest using the metal tiller stick and I have to say the modern snares were much more effective for me this weekend than the traditional style.

Dinner Saturday evening was a rabbit stew made with some of the rabbits we caught and a variety of veggies form my garden - fresh food, all produced (one way or another) naturally - and very tasty too!!

Of course inthe evening we had a cheese board and this time treated ourselves to a nice bottle of red wine too!

Lastly, it was very noticable how late to rippen the fruit was in this area! Wet weather or a late summer?? I dont know but I think if winter arrives early and is a harsh one then many of the plants and animals in the area might find it hard going especially if by then they havent completed their cycles!

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Waldgeistman said...

Nice..... Steve never prepared a rabbit!!! he did well. I missed out on the Cheese Board & Red Wine next time.. Good Video Gary & Steve.