How many cadets does it take to put up a tent??

Answer see below!


This weekend we had another crackingly good bushcraft course for a RAF cadet squadron. The cadets were split into two groups Basic and Intermediate - obviously those with little bushcraft experience were in the basic group while the intermediate group where those who had attended at least one of our previous courses.


The basic group covered the key skills - tool usage and safety, game prep, spark and single match fire, basic shelter construction, campfire cookcraft and introductionary lectures in plant id and water collection.

The intermediate group where tested a little more and were expected to proform the basic skills at a high standard. For these the skills included game prep snares, trapping and wilderness first aid.


All the cadets had a great weekend and learned a lot. September we see them all back again but this time with a twist we will run them all on a advanced intermediate level where we will test them to discover whose skills are good enough to allow them to advance onto the Advanced bushcrafdt course in February 2011.

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