Troll Hem and Nordmarken

Sweden has long been, in my opinion as well as the opinions of other well respected outdoors folk, the best place for the bushcrafter. The right to roam or access laws there married to the large wilderness areas make it a bushcraft paradise - added to the fact its actually cheaper and easier to travel to Sweden than to travel to say, Scotland all add up to a place where wilderness dreams can really come true.

So dear reader VALKOMMEN TILL TROLL HEM home in sweden.
But that was only half my reason for this visit - the other ............

Well ok not just for the stunning scenery, the crystal clear waters, the clean air and the abundant wildlife - I also went there to tie up the lose ends which needed tweaking before launching Nordmarken UK's new website - (still under construction) AND to do a little work ..................

The new Nordmarken Canoe UK site will be ready soon offering the english speaking world a excellent variety of outdoor living options ranging from canoeing to Hunting and from Fishing to survival and bushcraft training. Hosted in Arjang at the new and improved Canoe centre at Risviken!!

As always thank you to Preben and Gun for being my hosts - friends and second family!!

Last thought - a man without matches is a man without dinner! ]


Perkunas said...


that place is so much better than i dreamed about when i first heard that youre been getting a house from sweden.But hey,some day you just HAVE to check out our own little Finland and our every-mans rights,our nature and such.I bet you could snap off a cheap own condo from our lapland too...who knows,buddy :)?

The Suburban Bushwacker said... lonk is not working?

Survivall said...

SB - The sites under construction still so is up and down at present - I can answer any questions if you have them however!