Bunny Wood Weekend

With the sun blazing down on the glorious Essex countryside myself and an old army buddy Tomo decided to spend the weekend in our Bunny woods.

Friday night I met Tomo in Tillingham and we both enjoyed a cracking cold pint in the local pub before heading off to the woods.

The plan for the weekend was to start controlling the rabbit population with both snares and air rifles so saturday morning after breakfast we prepped our snares and walked them out looking for likely runs and sign of recent usage.

Once the snares were set we bimbled back to our camp and set up a little target range to practice "plinking" with both the air rifle and Pistol as well as a catapult. Plinking is great fun we enjoyed this distraction!!

Overall the snares were a great success we set 12 and took 4 rabbits but all bar two of the other snares had been triggered but failed to catch anything - so we were very happy with the results indeed - we even shared our catch with the local fox!

Great weekend with a good mate - cheese board included!! Looking forward to the next one!


Ouroboros said...

Yep, a good weekend Gary. Thanks for the invite mate.

Survivall said...

no worries fella - you up for the next one?