Fasach Ile II - shark island

The old Scottish Fasach Ile course was a popular event with the more hardy and adventurious bushcrafter - sadly said course is no more.

But to qoute Cracticus Potts (chitty chitty bang bang) "up from the ashes grow the roses of success!" and in this case these roses were a new course off the north west coast of Ireland on a deserted Island called Inish Airc (the island of the shark!)

We followed the tried and tested programme Bearclaw perfected on its predecessor course - but we also improved upon it too. For not only were we working with our irish sister company Ancient Irish but we also (for example) were un-hampered by the constraints we suffered in scotland and were able to hunt game and gather wild foods in a true survival manner - as we'll as the legendary Limpet menu's our survivors also enjoyed Pollock fresh off the hook and from the rolling waves of the altantic ocean fished for off the point (when the Atlantic grey seals let then that is!)

All in all a fantastic course - the international team we had as our test course guinea pigs included two dutch, one brit and four irish lads - a combination of characters and skills which we pushed hard and tested to the limits.

Well done to you guys - you made the course what it was and set the standard for the future.

I look forward to reading the newspaper reviews too as this course not only raised a few eye brows among the locals on Inish Boifin but also among the local press!

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