Mora than just another knife

In the Begining the Knife Gods of the Bushcrafting Tribe created the Red wooden handled Mora Classic, made famous by Mors Kochanski. Then, thanks in no small part to Raymond Mears, the Mora Clipper became the King of the bushcraft knives ........... well now the king is died - long live the King!!

Behold - the MORA BUSHCRAFT range are born in the guise of the FOREST, TRIFLEX and Force! Inovative designs, modern high tech steels and at a price that makes them totally user friendly!

No one will doubt that Mora, historically and practically have been making cutting tools of excellent value and quality and looking at these three new tools from their stables I am sure the reputation for practical tools of excellent quality and utility value will continue for many years to come!

Mora Forest
The Mora Bushcraft FOREST knife is a new innovative design in cutting tools. The blade is 115 mm long and 2.5 mm thick and comes with a specially sculpted bevel which is designed to offer excellent carving potential close to the handle as well as butchery and game prep where the bevel is reduced towards the tip. The Forest is a excellent all rounded and could possibly be set the take the title of best all round bushcraft knife from the now legendary Clipper!
The knife comes with a khaki green hand grip, a sheath, with a flexible strap, of the same colour. Blade is stainless steel so ideal for the canoeist or fisherman as well.

The bushcraft Triflex is hardier tool, resistant to breakage when compared to many a stainless blade while maintaining the familiar Clipper style blade typical of the Scandinavian cutting tools. Triflex’s carbon steel blade has a conventional Scandinavian grind and a blade which is progressively tempered providing a hard edge and even tougher spine all of which gives exceptional edge retention combined with a robust toughness. The tool has an olive-coloured hand grip and a black sheath which comes with a flexible belt loop. The TRIFLEX blade is also easy to use with a fire steel.
Blade length: 116 mm, thickness: 2.5 mm
Note - It's a carbon blade and will rust if neglected.

Stainless steel blade designed to do what is says on the tin! The 115 mm long and 2.5 mm thick blade is not profile-ground, which means that the knife is heavier, more robust and very useful when it comes to game prep as well and the standard bushcraft tasks.The black hand grip is contoured for secure grip and olive coloured sheath has a flexible belt loop.

Available soon from the Bearclaw Trading post!


Ouroboros said...

Gary, is there much diffrence in price between the new and old range?

Survivall said...

Hello mate - yes but not much - the TRIFLEX is about £5 more - the forest and forest are about £10 but to be honest thats worth it as the metology is improved as well as the sheath ect

At a RRP of about 30 quid these knives are still better or as good as most custom jobs costing 7 times as much!