Sweden - snow joke!

After our weeks hard tabbing along Hadrians wall my trip to Sweden was a well deserved treat! And what a treat it was too!

Sweden has to be a bushcrafters paradise anytime of year - even Ray Mears has described his time there as being as close to a religious experience as he can get. That and the ease with which it can be travelled to leave the dedicated "shrafter" with no excuse not to visit. Its even cheaper to visit Sweden than Scotland and probably less rainy too!!

Well our visit to Nordmarken Kanot centre was as much for pleasure as for work this time around. Business wise we had a lot to discuss and I for one am proud and pleased with the results (more to follow on this).

Pleasure wise the trip was excellent - again its time for me to express my heart felt thanks to my great friends Preben and Gun for not only being great hosts but also for their excellent company.

My time there was a combination of training, ice fishing and hunting. The weather was kind (or bad if you want good snow and a frozen lake) but we still managed to enjoy ourselves with nights down to a chilly minus 7 and days almost warming up to plus 6 ............

Training was a combination of self refreshing skills pertinent to winter and summer weiss as well as trying out some new techinques such as hunting game a we bit bigger than the bunnies I usually hunt in UK!

Summer WEISS is looking good, we have a few new ideas and skills to add and with places still available I hope several of you readers will stiffen your sinew and step up to the line, come forward and earn your right to wear the covetted WEISS badge.

Well dear reader I got to have a few days playing in the snow! The pictures will tell more than my own dreary words so I'll leave you know to enjoy the scenery!!


BOOMER said...

Cool pics matey, looks like you had a great time.

Survivall said...

Cheers Andy - always do out there!