Bushcraft camp weekend/ filming

This weekend we had another pleasurable bushcraft camping weekend in our woods surrounded by friends old and new in some of the weirdest weather imaginable.
(check the bearclaw website for the next bushcraft camp weekend dates if your interested in joining us!)

Hail, snow and rain all in one cold and windy weekend - lucky us!

Still as ever the food was excellent and saturday nights venison bolognaise send us all to bed with warm full tummies.

A interesting twist to this weekend was the addition of a film crew down to make a small corperate promotion film for us - these guys had us up pre-dawn filming sunrises as well as a relentless schedule of interviews and demo's all to be filmed - 6 hours of footage to be edited down to a short 15/20 minute film!

Still great fun and my thanks to all the students who braved the weather and came along to help out!!


Perkunas said...

Im looking for to see the actual film.Will be there any "making off" & " blooper reel" stuff :) ?

Im sure this will do good for your busines,man.

Survivall said...

They are giving me a polished final version and a copy of all the out takes ect so you never know Mikko