Just a thought .............

"is it cool to know how to make fire with a bow drill? Yes - but survival is not about proving that you're some kind of earth skills guru; its about dedicating your energies to getting homesafetly or getting rescued"
Les Stroud

As Les has said above being able to bow drill is good (its a well rounded knowledge thats needed) but being able to light a fire first time every time is more important.

And this has made me think - being able to carve a spoon is a good skill but isnt carrying a metal spoon better??

Being able to make roycroft rucksack frame is good but should we replace our karrimor with one?

We shouldnt replace knowledge with kit of course - but that doesnt mean we go without kit thats useful and in some ways superior!

Something to ponder next time you look at kit old and new!!


Perkunas said...

Yup,i agree.

I think that the selfmade stuff,doing it and using it,is highly valued when you get apart from your gear in accident or in some awful scenario,but you sure have to plan your kit wisely and take it along,and just dont count on your plain skills to do that spoon.Hell there might not even be proper piece of wood lying around for you to carve it :).Do not over-gear,carry the essentials Atleast.

Perkunas said...

And hey,this is bit off topic,but that roycroft rucksack....How has it become so popular and appreciated skill to do one.No way i am blaming it,as i like it too and have mde several,but do you guys do other variants too,there? The most known model here is based on willow thats been bend in U form,but upsidedown,then some sticks have been added to it,formig"ladders" to it.Then you just make some straps of willow bark etc,to tie your gear and to carry it in your shoulders.In survival course i made a net-like thing from piece of old thin rope i found from shore,to make the pack bit bigger and easier to pack.Just wrap your few items in the poncho,and stuff em in the net of pack and off you go.