I'm in the very early stages of planning the trip of a life time!!

My plan at the moment is to travel from Yellow Knife to Calgary - thats Canada. I want to work my way down (literally if I need funds)

I want to explore the country be that by snow shoe, caneo or foot and am at present allowing myself a year to do it - that equates to around 150 days walking ( I reckon on it being 1000 to 1500 miles) and 150 days exploring!

As I say very early days yet but can anyone provide me with links to sites, books ect ect by people who've planned and run big expeditions - supported or unsupport. Blogs maybe for people who live in the provinces?

Anything that will aid in research - if anyone knows anyone who might be useful or have good info please also let me know.

Cheers guys ..............


Perkunas said...


holy jebus,are you serious?

Thats something one should do once in his lifetime really,a long journey without too much of planning,and lots of time to do the trip.its a small wonder if nobody wants to sponsor your hike,as you could take pics and keep some sort of diary about how it goes,day by day and then release it with proper mentions & yhanks to all who allowed&helped it to become true.

I have relatives in galgary,canada,i can ask if they have intrest to pass some info about routes etc,one of them runs a sports shop there,he might know about hiking there.

Survivall said...

Hey Mikko - I am very serious mate.

I have done the math and my mortgage will soon be paid off and the boss has given me permission to make the trip - MY LAST BIG ADVENTURE .........

I will need a lot of funds and have already started planning and saving - soon I'll be "penny pinching" as we say in UK!

Any information your relatives can give would be great but no rush as its going to be a long time yet before I go!!

Sponsorship is something I have considered and might encourage nearer the time but for now I am planning to self fund as thats the easiest way!

Might need a travel companion nearer the time ......... if your free for a year "0

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Get in touch with Mungo, he'll be able to help


Perkunas said...

Id travel the world for few times,its always good to get on the road.And i dont have any problems ever,goin on a hike,but the one satans little factor named MONEY :)

"well it beats being in home" they say here in every situation:),especially married men,hah!

Anonymous said...

To start with get the old books by Calvin Rutstrum, Paradise Below Zero

Can you get a firearms permit and hunting license?? Shotgun for protection against bears

Will you be light-packing or doing this as a Bushcraft trip??

Seriously jealous here, look at pulks for the gear perhaps? Also Canadian Army footwear is supposed to be the absolute best for those possible temperatures, might want to start a gear list and post it for comments and suggestions as to best buys

Carry a lap-top and post pix and blog daily via satphone??

Movie camera and sell to BBC/ ABC OZ

Ted Malthouse

Survivall said...

Married men need an escape route Mikko

Cheers guys - SBW is Mingo Canadian?? Havent heard from him for ages!