How feeble is our society??

Does our world exist on anything for than gasps of thin air??
A little snow and it grinds to a halt ......... even with the powers that be trying to help .............roads closed, channel tunnel grinds to a halt, airports cant operate, rich people in rural villages buy local shops out of stocks leaving old people unable to feed themselves ............ the list goes on!
Imagine what would happen if the authorities werent trying to help? If no one was there to clear the roads - delivery food - make the trains work again!
People trapped on the chunnel trains whinged "we werent given blankets or water!" - might as well just admit - "where not able to look after ourselves and we needed someone to do it for us!"
And why? Are we so pampered by civilisation that we have lost the ability to fend for ourselves?? Are we little more than sheep - raised and rared by the government like shepards who instead of fattening us up for the table fatten us up for the taxes we can pay them!!
Ponder this -
* Can you find your own water if the water were to go off or be contaminated for more than 5 days? Could to find 3 litres of drinking (and thats just drinking) water per day for each member of your family?
* Can you grow/hunt your own food if the supermarkets were to close? Can you ID edible wild foods?
* Could you make your own clothing or footwear if the shops all shut and you had to live in the wilderness?? Could you make clothing suitable for the enviroment by hand??
*Could you treat a toothache or a bad laceration without the hospital or a ambulance available? A sever burn or broken Limb - what about deliver a baby?
The world health organisation predict wars to be fought over drinking water in our life time! And lets not even bother pondering the oil peek crisis which has alreadt started!
Imagine a race or a civil war starts in Britian tomorrow - the infa-structure crumbles .......... could you even keep your house warm this winter without gas or electric?? Defend it? Feed yourself until the troubles subside in months? - not days or weeks but months!
Soft people in comfy homes with fat wallets often ask whats the point of survival or bushcraft training? Aboves the answer for if nothing else it trains us to be prepared - to plan for the worse while hoping for the best but dealing with whatever comes our way!
Weather like this only acts as natures little reminder - shes just flexing her muscle and telling us to prepare!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Shock!! Britain has been 'moved' to northern europe!!
unexpected weather now expected. Public expected to move from apathy to panic in the next two days. Government sources say not to worry Only fools and horses will be broadcast as usual.

Perkunas said...

You hit the spot with this Gary.

I had evil grin,sort of a smile when you talk about those chaps sitting in their warm comfy homes,who see outdoors men as idiots or childish ones.And hey this is just normal winter we are talking about,its not even close to SHTF-situation where you Have to get up and act for your life,and still,u know even here men are driving to trees,crying about homes getting cold when they run out of elctricity,or oil.And when they run out of electricity they will finally starve to death cause they cant order a pizza delivery,cause their cell phones batteries are dead at the end of the day.

And someone really,really thinks being prepared is only for war times.Preparedness is something you should learn in the schools,nowadays if the mankind wants to live longer in future :).

Perkunas said...

Hi again sir.

Your writing inspired me to write something too,check it out.It aint as fine as your flawless flow of mind,but just few lines that came to my mind after reading this wise thing you made.

Again,hats up to u.

Ted Malthouse said...

The "Nanny" society; we stopped looking out for our own safety and health years ago ( or some have abnegated this to the government )

Too many laws and not enough responsibility, we see the same thing here in OZ, people waiting for help when all they need to do is get up off the fat *** and do something, and doing anything is better than doing nothing.