Bushcraft 101 - top tips

HERES A FEW MORE TOP TIPS ..................

1. Try to avoid arriving at your camp site after dark. with a good head torch and experience this need not be a problem but the novice may find setting up in the dark a problem.
2. Rigging a simple Tarp/Basha style camp should take around 30 mins max - if it take you as long as it takes others to set up a parachute classroom, dig a latrine and put up the tent and set up their own shelter as well as light a fire - your either doing something wrong, way to selfcentred and worried about personal comfort or just a work sherka!!
3. A good order for setting up a camp site is - Light the fire (and put the kettle on) - set up your tarp or tent - Stash your gear as you need it (organsie camp) - fetch in firewood (as much as you think you'll need then the same amount again!) - gather water - enjoy a brew while making dinner - relax around your fire with a full belly and a organised camp.
4. Site consideration, shelter or use of the prevailing wind, sun rise location, away from trails and water run off, location of camp fire and fuel, location of water.
5. Check for widow makers in over hanging trees!
6. At the end of your trip remember to ensure your fires fully put out and the scare hidden - leaving the site BETTER than you found it!
7. In freezing wilderness or if crossing frozen lakes where there is no risk of fire spreading due to snow ect sometimes its wise to leave a small fire burning when you leave camp - that way if theres a emergency you can quickly return to camp and use the fire/embers to reheat yourself or others - this simple plan has saved many lives of people living in true wilderness areas!

Happy camping ...............


Perkunas said...

Sami man told on my recent trip,that yes,its adviced to leave the fire going when you leave the cam and head out to next location,as u never know if some lost and tired person in a need of heat,might find it.But he said too,that as many people want to fry some sausage upon fire,dont ever leave the sticks stumped in to ground as many reindeers have died when the sharp,coal hardened sticks have pierced their chest,lungs,heart etc,vital organs.

Survivall said...

Good tip there mate - I noticed last time I was in finland the national trend for toasting sausages over the fire ........ I guess the best tip there is always put your toasting sticks ont he fire before you go - sacrifice them to the spirit of the place!!