Have you got a pot to ............. boil in?

One of the hardest things to do in nature is boil water without a metal pot. As such there has always been a need to carry a boiling vessel along with your water bottle. For many this is simply a matter of a army water bottle with the attached mug - for others a seperate pot. But always the added boiling vessel increases bulk and weight, especially for the lightweight traveller or the day hiker, after all if were just spending a day away from camp do we really want to haul in cookware etc etc?

The answer is usually no! As such many folks will carry a water bottle in their day sack but leave the pots and pans in camp.

But what happens is disaster strikes? You become geographically embarassed and have to spend the night out or you find a walker suffering from exposure or you run out of precious water and need to boil and purify some more??

Well you can light a fire and boil the water in your bottle ............ yep plastic drinks bottles will work, so will Aluminium ones but you only get one shot with the plastic as it will strink and melt (releasings all sorts of chemicals into the water as it does) and with the Ali theres the possible (yet to be confirmed) link with Altzhiemers and the risk of the bottle burning through if allowed to dry out (evaporation). Both are risks worth taking if you have no other choice of course but if you had a stainless steel water bottle things would be different.

Stainless steel is the only safe, toxin and Bisphenol-A free bottle. Bottles are reusable, durable and lightweight as well as being enviromentally friendly. But what is more in the above scenerios you could safely boil water in them without any undue risk to health or damage to your bottle.

Boiling water in a stainless steel bottle means you can warm up that chilled hiker, purify your water or make yourself a comforting nettle or pine needle tea on a unexpected sleep out!

Even better, not only wont a stainless steel water cost future generations the earth they wont hurt your wallet either the larges size retailing at only £8.99.

The old scout motto was BE PREPARED - by replacing your existing plastic or Ali bottles with stainless steel ones you will be!

Stainless Steel bottle Range with replacement/interchangable caps will be avialable on the Bearclaw bushcraft website soon.



Perkunas said...

Great stuu Gary,again,well thought and simple informative stuff.

Ive always wondered guys and gals who just count on that tiny 0,5 liter plastic bottle..."oh i wont be needing more".."there must be a clean stream somewhere along the path we walk-there always has ben".And the the SHTF,and these chaps are whining their thirst and suffer from headaches etc.Ive used to carry some gadget that allows boiling water,it might be small stainless cup,or aluminium us military canteen cup,or what ever,buti do carry ways to clean water with me,no matter how short or long the walk will be.And it doesnt bother me,weight or bulky pack,as i like to set up a fire and make cup of coffee there,its better that cup of instant coffee,or sip from thermos flask.So its not like im packing cooking cup with me just in case if im in fear of disaster,no,its cause im guy who wants to be in comfort :).

Ill be placing order for the bottle you sell,it looks good in my eyes indeed.

Izzy G. said...

This past year I moved to Stainless Steel bottles. Guyots. Love 'em. I felt it wise to be able to not only carry water in your bottle, but if necessary boil and cook in them.