When's a ventile not a ventile?

Or when is Gore-tex not gore-tex for that matter??

Answer when you dont pay through the nose for a trade or brand name - for example WVPM is the british army version of Gore-tex - LITERALY the same thing but half the price ........

And so with the SASS kit SAS smock - gumpth below

Top Quality All Weather Fabric

Windproof, Water Repellent and Highly Breathable, Traditional Performance Fabric.

Finest Quality dense Oxford weave cloth, woven from specially selected 100% cotton long stable fibres, and using about 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics. "Naturally" comfortable, quiet and fast drying.

The Special Air Service Windproof Smock is issued to each member of the SAS regiment. Both the four big cargo pockets at the front, and the left arm pen pocket are fastened using “no-loose” taped buttons. (Bigger size for gloved hands). The four cargo pockets also have fold over tops to help prevent pockets content loss. The attached hood has a front and rear drawcord, for a full range of adjustments. Velcro closing storm flap covers two-way heavy duty zip. Add to this velcro tab cuffs that can be adjusted from fully open sleeve to tightly fastened wrist, and the internal waist draw cord, means the SAS smock offers full windproof protection.

Large internal poachers pocket and inside open left chest pocket. Double layer fabric to hood, shoulders and elbows; rest single to speed drying.The weave allows the cotton fibres to swell when wet aiding the water repellent finish in keeping the wearer dry.Made and hand finished at our location in Lancaster, UK

I came across these excellent smocks while looking for a replacement to my old BAS smock. My criteria was simple I wanted a multipocket jacket with a full central zip, single layer ventile and ideally one for less than £200.
I looked at the usual suspects WEST WINDS and SNOW SLED - both generally dont do single layer jackets with decent pockets or only over the head smocks and both to expensive. Keela and Hilltrek like wise - the closest to my wants was the Bison Bushcraft ventile as this is the military style I had in mind but again the cost was way to high for the spec of the garment.
Then I stumbled across the SASS kit smock - £131.99 delivered - which is the best price for any ventile even over head jobs - these smocks are excellent and I am well impressed with mine - hence this blog entry!

Its a shame more people arent aware that some Ventile jackets arent ventile purely because the manufacturer doesnt pay for the name and hence doesnt charge you for the name either - why pay £200 plus for a name?
Ventile, oxford cotton or egyption cotton all much of a muchness - only difference is the price!
Like wise the kanny shopper should beware of people who sell no trade marked items as something there not too - with the price hike to match - Army Goretex bivi bags for example, are techincally Army WVPM bivi bags but add the word GORE-TEX and you can double the price even if it is technically false advertising.

If your looking for a Great, high spec, well made, excellent priced smock of a material thats not ventile (but is ventile) the SASS kit SAS Smock wont let you down.
And the service given by Paul at SASS is also second to none!

Mention Gary at Bearclaw when you order!

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