The Tenderfoot course is always a highlight of our courses year as its a fun course for us to teach and a excellent course for those few hardy students with the courage to come and walk the walk!

The courses primary role is simple - its to allow advanced bushcrafters to come and practice the bushcraft ideal of going into the woods with just a cutting tool and a billy can.

Many bushcrafters can only dream of what these guys experience. And that is the key - the course is hard and in that the experience gained is priceless!

Nature is always the best teacher and this year the weather was wet, cold and windy - prefect weather to encourage good shelter building!! Cold nights soon taught the students the importance of a glowing campfire. Added to this game prep, water precurment and foraging and the guys got a full and varied course ..........but no bearclaw course would be complete without a few little twists to stretch our guests and this year we also had them prepare first aid kits from nature and prep a three course meal for the instructors - proving their advanced skills and enpowering them with the confidence of a true bushcrafter, far an above the wild camper relient on expedition style camp!!

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