FUNGI having fun in Sweden

Sweden in September IS the season of berries and fungi without a doubt!! A country I have grown to love as much for its natural splendour as for the friends I have made there.

Indeed this last week saw me staying with, and sharing my time, with some of the people most dear to me. Funny how bushcraft skills can bring people from different worlds together, creating long lasting friendships which endure the test of time and prove both the strength of the friendship and the quality of the people!!

My week in Sweden this time was one of pure pleasure - a vacation - or a busmans holiday as you, dear reader, will see from the pictures below.

Some of the fun tasks I had to endure included carving a spoon with my new and surprisingly excellent S1, Canoeing, berry picking, fungi foraging, enjoying some of the finest food anywhere in the world and enjoying more than one sociable tipple with true friends both old and new.

Sweden owns my heart and I can understand why Ray Mears says that a visit to the lake land there is close to a religious experience.

Hope you enjoy a few pictures of my time ...............

Ground dwellers ..............................buzzing around preparing for the winter

Hoist the red ensign - it was a brief but brilliant pleasure to share the campfires of the McPhee re-enactment society!

The nights were long and beautifully dark with the moon just making it above the horizon

Old England - New France ....................good bless Canada and the Hungry Belly Company

Up which creek? Well I still have the paddle at least ..........

A few fungi's to hang out with!

Berry good time was had my all - and they improve a bannock muchly!

12 Tine moose - note to self always carry your camera!

S1 trials, batoning stove wood - double bubble and the S1 was excellent too (review to follow!)

Soon all that fun wore me out ..............who needs the Bahama's and a coconut tree eh?


And a bad guy to end with ............. no I didnt eat it ....................

Few places speak to the heart of the woodsman, Sweden is one of those few places, I have friends there who I think of as family, I have spent happy days and restful nights, eaten meals fit for kings and been embraced by wonderful people who I respect and admire.

My vacation is over but only for a while - March and the winter WEISS cant come quick enough for me as I dream of my return already!

Thanks to all the friends I made and those I meet again and thank the gods for Sweden as place were the woodsman can truely be at one with "the nature" - long may it be thus!


Perkunas said...

So how have you liked or disliked your s1´s there man ?

i had my own again,as we were too,on small trip to gather some fish(got few quite good one too,esox lucius one was 5 kilos),fungi,and few buckets of blue and redberries.We made an temporary smoking box from old canister we found,and put it over fire,and to make sweet flovour to fishes,we used fistful of sugar bits and few branches of juniper(dead one),which i carved itto many slices.Also i poured hint of whiskey into smoke box,and i can tell you it was good meal after a day at the lake.Were planning on invading some tiny island soon,to make it as our fishing basecamp,i think it woul be close to your accommondations in sweden.Theres nothing better than camping in the lakesides.

Survivall said...

The S1 in my opinion beats the F1 hands down - the handles a similar size but the slightly longer blade and better profile make it much more user friendly in my book.

I have a review and some pictures to post on that subject soon!

Sounds like your trip was great fun to. I can almost imagine the taste of those fish .......... island base camp .........good plan, where'd you go to do this??

Perkunas said...


about there:),i think we´ll be heading out to sea and find deserted island where we can go with canoes.

Survivall said...

Sounds an interesting plan.

Oh and in reply to your other comment - all the course we run in Sweden are taught in English as its the common tongue - but we do have to Swedish instructors also - being a international course we've found english works for most people - indeed a lot people from scandinavia have booked the course as its a chance to practice english as well as practice bushcraft.

Perkunas said...

If you want to,throw me some info or links to next courses held in sweden,it sure wouldnt be long journey or bad idea for me to join.

Survivall said...

Drop me an email via Bearclaw

www.bearclawbushcraft.co.uk and I'll send you the info ........

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