Down your local

One of Wainwrights pronounced aims with the coast to coast was to inspire folks to come up with their own hikes.

Britian is a country disected by footpaths and bridleways - allowing the walker, rambler or hiker to wander far and wide and avoid as much tarmac as possible.

In so doing not only will you be able to get out - get some exercise and fresh air but you'll also be able to enjoy a spot of foraging or buschraft - even a tasty treat or two.

For myself this bank holiday weekend found me without a course a course to run and ahead on the office work - an ideal situation for a little dirt time as well as a chance to practicing navigation.

For my walk on this occasion I visited the essex salt marshes and a wild life reserve which abounds with not only bird life but amphibeans and reptiles as well as coastal plants and animals - a ideal place for a bit of a refresher on the coastal foraging skills.

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