Alone in the WILD

Alone in the Wild, reality TV? Real or faked? Like it or loath it?

Its very interesting how this series has such a varied viewership and how some of us love it and some loath it.

Ray Mears seems to be universally revered, and in many ways rightly so especially for his early stuff like tracks - Bear, poor old Bear, like wise seems to have a loyal following even if (imo) his skills will more likely kill you than save you. Indeed some of the comments in the articles below show the loyal viewing public and its biase for one or thuver!

Ed too seems to now recruit from among the viewing world and as such we now have a three or even a four way split is you note the comments about Survivorman.

But my question isnt really about the personalities - this programme could be "Alone in the Wild Joe Bloggs" and I doubt it would change things ...... why?

WELL firstly it seems to me the WHOLE theme of the programme is how scary and hard it is to live in the wild even if your better kitted out than the average british soldier on the streets of the 'Stan.

Secondly, regardless of all the continuity issues - or the lack of it in many ways, it strikes me that main character isnt the correct man for the job. We've seen this many times - producers picking odd balls and mis fits for reality tv programmes to create 'drama and social conflict' ect thinking this would make the programme more exciting? Personally I think this is wrong.

Lastly, while a programme like this is for 'general' viewing, it will be watched by avid outdoors folk and as such (imo) has a duty of care to show/teach folks a level of skills.

Alone in the Wild seems to be a programme about a guy who doesnt wanna be there, with a programmed theme about how scary and hard it is to live there, with dark moody music and Blair witch type filming - all in all making a survivorman style spin off really rather dull.

Will each programme show us Ed going up and down in his mood swings, extensive footage of him walking around in circles checking his snares and equally extensive footage of him laying in bed discussing his fears and feelings?

If anyone from Tigeress (you even have a test reel of mine) or channel four read this - give me a ring I'm sure we can do much much better.

And thats really the crux of things, the BBC make good documentaries, granted even they screw up occasionally, but generally their good - this documentary while scenic and promising does seem to have lost track of its potential (unless the failure was the plan all along?).

In summary I so wanted this to be a good series as the british viewing public really do need a new role model to pick up the bushcraft and survival batton now Ray Mears has moved away from bushcraft and more into history and travel logs - but sadly this isnt gonna be it ......... as my old teacher used to say - "all the elements are there, just put together wrong - must try harder!"

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