Fallkniven are, without a doubt, a well known and respected knife maker and today I'm chufffed to bits as I'm about to add their entire range to the Bearclaw website - especially my favourites below ;- the F1, A1 and the beast A2 ...........


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Literally the standard all production knives can be judged against.

Like your new blog

Perkunas said...

I have now only one Fallkniven,its the S1.

its bene on my use for some...6 months,with no mercy and i havent even managed to crack the edge,it still cuts well and keeps going strong.It just might be the best knife ive owned till now.
Im goin to make a new sheath for it though with plastic liner and loop for firesteel,and it will have a flap oven the handle too.
Maybe some day ill manage to get my hands on F1 just to se eis it so superb as i hear.Not that id suspect that it wouldnt be.

Survivall said...

Hej Perkunas - thats interesting as I have just started to trial the S1 - the F1 is similar in the hand as the S1 but I suspect if you like the S1 your better off sticking with it.

The A2 is a big best and makes an ideal Leuku - I use this on winter courses instead of the smaller F1 and now the S1.

I'll let you know how I get on with the S1 when I get back from Sweden in a couple of weeks - if I like the S1 might even send you my old F1 to play with!

Perkunas said...

Sounds intresting,your idea of offering the f1.I can pay for it too you know:).

Leuku you say.Theyre maybe the most usable knives in our knife culture,IMO,as i like a bit tougher knives than the traditional puukko´s we mostly still have and use,although i respect and admire our own puukko makers so much,and im studying the technicues of knife making as much as i can afford to,in knife and blacksmith courses.If i am anyone to say,i might warn you about some specific finnish puukko/knife making companies that are having their blades and some full knives made u might have been reading in my blog maybe. I own several leukus,and the older they are,the better they are too,its a shame.Im dreaming and planning of making full-tang lauku,it might be just the tick for me,as i like to carry atleast:) two knives with me,one bigger for harder tasks and one smaller,for food making,game skinning and general ligh use,this might be as well some folding knife too.

Survivall said...

Hey Perkunas the offers there as a friend - not a seller ............

You want a F1 - I have one for you .........your call my friend - maybe one day if I'm in Finland you can buy me a beer!