Bushcraft Meet

Time spent with like minded folks is always a pleasure and this weekend was no exception as it found us in the Midlands for the first BES meet.

Now I've been to many meets ranging from the old originals of BCUK to the various Gatherings and the bushcraft Tribe but I have to say this weekend was one of the best of the best.

Quality time - trev and harry
The Lincs Effect?
Chelle smiling as she plays with my chopper!!

The company was great with a few new friends and many old ones all gathered together in a small isolated section of a nature reserve - but more than this and unlike many meets I've attended the guys here actually did some bushcraft rather than just planting chairs around a fire and sitting there and just eating and drinking the weekend away.

Whats wrong with this picture?? Push me Pull me!!
Dragonflies are key note species for a clean enviorment - the nature reserve has several species this tells us that the site is very clean egologically speaking.

Some of the activaties of this weekend included, a swap shop, a air rifle zero and range, purse netting, hunting, caneoing, game prep and a excellent rabbit saute (chilly and port) we made a Objibawa Dead full, sampled various wild foods including the plentiful cattails which surrounded us. Many a photo was snapped off and in the evening Scott entertained us with Harmonic and guitar tunes but the glowing light of a campfire which reflected the warmth of the company in its own glowing heart!

Great weekend - looking forward to the next already.

Of course for some of us it was all to much .............. zzzzzzzzzz - maybe thats the Lincs Effect?

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