Bamboo for you ........ or not?

Bamboo clothing - new idea or fad?

Well dear reader after reading my old friend Tony's review ;-

I figured I'd best find out.

My criteria was for a t-shirt to use instead of cotton (we all know cottons kills lol) So thanks to the guys at Merlin surplus I was sent a sample t-shirt to test out while in Sweden.

First impression - these aren't light t-shirts much heavier than a standard cotton t-shirt, but it does feel nice, the material is rich and silky.

I wont labour the review - how can you labour on about a t-shirt?

So lets look at it in use - Made from bamboo I was worried about being attacked by Panda's but my fears proved unfounded ..........seriously though these t-shirts are sold as being warmer/cooler than the standard cotton and odour resistant too - and they are.

As a test and as I'm a gungy bugger - I wear the t-shirt for the first week constantly, sleeping in it and wearing it all day and it did what it said on the tin = no smell and warm.

End of the week I washed it, a pair of greenlander trousers and a 5.11 shirt - now it let itself down as both the trousers and shirt dried quicker than the t-shirt!

In summary then - these are comfortable t-shirts and ideal for a traveller, especially one with laundry facilities. But due to cost (rrp 25 GBP ) and the slow drying time they wouldn't be my choice for a hiking or any real field time summer base layer as cotton or ideally poly cotton t-shirts are cheaper and dry against the skin quicker (and I'm not talking washing wet here but sweat wet too)

All that said as with so many things its courses for horses - if your in a exped style basecamp style set up these t-shirts would be more than suitable!

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