Fallkniven are, without a doubt, a well known and respected knife maker and today I'm chufffed to bits as I'm about to add their entire range to the Bearclaw website - especially my favourites below ;- the F1, A1 and the beast A2 ...........


Bushcraft Meet

Time spent with like minded folks is always a pleasure and this weekend was no exception as it found us in the Midlands for the first BES meet.

Now I've been to many meets ranging from the old originals of BCUK to the various Gatherings and the bushcraft Tribe but I have to say this weekend was one of the best of the best.

Quality time - trev and harry
The Lincs Effect?
Chelle smiling as she plays with my chopper!!

The company was great with a few new friends and many old ones all gathered together in a small isolated section of a nature reserve - but more than this and unlike many meets I've attended the guys here actually did some bushcraft rather than just planting chairs around a fire and sitting there and just eating and drinking the weekend away.

Whats wrong with this picture?? Push me Pull me!!
Dragonflies are key note species for a clean enviorment - the nature reserve has several species this tells us that the site is very clean egologically speaking.

Some of the activaties of this weekend included, a swap shop, a air rifle zero and range, purse netting, hunting, caneoing, game prep and a excellent rabbit saute (chilly and port) we made a Objibawa Dead full, sampled various wild foods including the plentiful cattails which surrounded us. Many a photo was snapped off and in the evening Scott entertained us with Harmonic and guitar tunes but the glowing light of a campfire which reflected the warmth of the company in its own glowing heart!

Great weekend - looking forward to the next already.

Of course for some of us it was all to much .............. zzzzzzzzzz - maybe thats the Lincs Effect?


The Fallkniven F1 IS the bench mark by which many are measured and the design (the traditional swedish) upon which many other models are based! The Bombproof survival knife of both the Swedish Airforce and the US navy and Marine aircrews is now a firm favourite of many bushcraft instructors and the bearclaw team.
If (maybe one day I will) I were living in true wilderness, say alaska, then while the F1 would be my necker I'd also opt for a A2 - this is THE wilderness knife - big and strong yet comfortable and controllable in the hand - a excellent all rounder!!
Both the F1 and the A2 are available from both Survivall and soon also Bearclaw Bushcrafts trrading post.


Greenhorn - August

The sun was a warm fiery glode above the dapple shaded forest floor as we assembled for yet another Greenhorn course!!

Two guys, the Ellis brothers decided to walk there from Ingatestone a cheery 2.7 miles until you become geographically embaressed - but good effort guys ...........

Great weekend where we got to cover everything from cutting tool safety to game prep. Spoon carving was a success with everyone completeing a good spoon, game prep was interesting with Clive giving a excellent lecturer and the guys having fun preping both bunnies and birds before cooking themselves some interesting kebab and rice meals. Shelters went well with almost all the course opting to sleep in their shelters especially young Reuben who having forgotten his tent poles found building his shelter even more important than just the skills gained!

Bushcraft gives you wings!!


Bamboo for you ........ or not?

Bamboo clothing - new idea or fad?

Well dear reader after reading my old friend Tony's review ;-

I figured I'd best find out.

My criteria was for a t-shirt to use instead of cotton (we all know cottons kills lol) So thanks to the guys at Merlin surplus I was sent a sample t-shirt to test out while in Sweden.

First impression - these aren't light t-shirts much heavier than a standard cotton t-shirt, but it does feel nice, the material is rich and silky.

I wont labour the review - how can you labour on about a t-shirt?

So lets look at it in use - Made from bamboo I was worried about being attacked by Panda's but my fears proved unfounded ..........seriously though these t-shirts are sold as being warmer/cooler than the standard cotton and odour resistant too - and they are.

As a test and as I'm a gungy bugger - I wear the t-shirt for the first week constantly, sleeping in it and wearing it all day and it did what it said on the tin = no smell and warm.

End of the week I washed it, a pair of greenlander trousers and a 5.11 shirt - now it let itself down as both the trousers and shirt dried quicker than the t-shirt!

In summary then - these are comfortable t-shirts and ideal for a traveller, especially one with laundry facilities. But due to cost (rrp 25 GBP ) and the slow drying time they wouldn't be my choice for a hiking or any real field time summer base layer as cotton or ideally poly cotton t-shirts are cheaper and dry against the skin quicker (and I'm not talking washing wet here but sweat wet too)

All that said as with so many things its courses for horses - if your in a exped style basecamp style set up these t-shirts would be more than suitable!