In my time as a assistant instructor with woodlore I have ponassed many a Salmon - so many in fact that like the old scottish labours who were paid in the fish - I really dont like Salmon anymore!!

However, in almost all of Ray Mears' programmes he Ponassess one and as such folks often ask to be shown how to do it - thats fine I'll demo it just dont ask me to eat it!

Anyway on a recent private booking we were working in a coast enviroment and as such landed ourselves with a few Mackerel - yum - a nice oily fish, I love mackerel. A few of the guys asked me to demo Ponassing with this and I was happy to oblige.

Now, every days a school day, and having only ever ponassed fresh water fish I was firstly surprised at how easily the skeleton came away from the flesh - much easier than a salmon say. Secondly, I was also surprised how, once cooked, the flesh came away from the skin. Huge, succulent chunks of steaming moist white meat that melted in the mouth!!

So tender was the fish that several fell apart, into the fire!!

Witnessing this we also decided to cook a few by just gutting them and then sticking them on a stick whole - well dear reader they were just as tender - with much less fuss - but like wise once cooked the meat simply fell off the bone!

Wonderful, salty and fresh but beware when cooking, as unlike fresh water fish, a fresh sea fish with its white flaky flesh can crumble - next time I think a griddle will be made - and if only we had had a frying pan!

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