Air Cadet - Survival Training

Survival training for the next generation.

Over the last few years we have worked with several Air cadet squadrons here in the UK teaching both bushcraft and survival skills for the pleasure of the skills and as part of their respective DofE programmes especially up to Silver, and this weekend was no exception.

Running both a basic and advanced level course (two different areas and two different programmes - phew!) we saw our advance course really coming into their own as they put skills learnt over the previous 5 weekend courses into practice - for these guys Octobers event will be the real test and coalmination of their training!

While the basic course broke into the bushcraft world by learning fire lighting and spoon carving as well as game prep (fish and pidgeon) and other priority subjects such as gypsy wells and gravity filters to produce safe drinking water, even a few bannocks!!

The thunder storms lent the course members focus as dry shelters were important and the warmer sunny spells were much appreciated luxuries.

But the smiles were never dampened and fun was had by all.

Great weekend - looking forward to the next one!

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