Sweden's a callin'

Well dear reader the time is fast approaching for the Bearclaw, Nordic and Nordmarken groups to converge on Risviken Sweden.

Those of you who've seen Ray Mears Bushcraft episode in Sweden where he and Lars Falt camp on the side of a lake and cook char will be familiar with the type of terrian and I agree with old Mearsy on this occassion as camping out in a place like that is close to a religious experience - the clear waters and feeling of untainted wilderness turn such places into catherdals of bushcraft forcing our hearts to sigh with pleasure and our lips to whisper.

This year we have 34 students for both the Vildmark and WEISS courses - plus 5 staff so its a big course and busy time - good luck to all those attending the WEISS heres hoping you all pass and enjoy!!

For those who've never been and seen - heres a few pictures from previous visits.

Hope you enjoyed those ..................... will add more once I return from this years courses!!

Skool! ")

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Perkunas said...

i just gotta ask:)

do u teach in swedish or english,or combo of both languages,in the courses in Sweden?

i am getting intrested to participate u know.