Your only as sharp as your knife!!

Blade Tech Pocket Sharpener

There are few items avaialble to today’s Survivor which has earnt a reputation as being good due to the fact that it actually is - these fantastic little sharpeners are one of the few!

Recommended to me by several respected and experienced outdoors folks and successful tested by us the Blade Tech sharpener is an excellent field sharpener for all your edged tools.

The sharpener works equally well on axes, sheath knifes and pocket knives (also ideal for the kitchen and workshop) will rework the dullest edge and is excellent for ‘touching’ up a blade in use with just a few light strokes.

Small and light with a handy lanyard hole (so you don’t lose it) these simple to use sharpeners are safer, faster and cheaper than diamond stones and best of all manufactured in the UK!!

Weights just ½ an ounce.

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