Your Knife life

Have you got more money than sense?? Like to buy shiney new cutting tools and stick them in a drawer?? Well if so dont read on!!

However if your a not a collector or loaded you might want to ponder this ................. why not take one of your old knives and give it a breath of new life with a rehandle - changing the scales on a factory blade (especially a stick tang) can be as easy or hard as you wanna make it and is defo good fun

The simplest way to replace a handle on a stick tang is to take a green stick slightly bigger than your handle requirements and tap it onto the stick tang ( a para cord clove hitch blade end helps the wood not to split but 1 in 3 still might)

Antler can be done also - one of my earliest rehandles was a piece of antler - boiled to soften the honeycomb core then taps on a stick tang (with a bit of arldite added) - served me well and my sons while he was learning "the craft"

Or, if your to busy or not to DIY inclinded why not ask a freind who is - heres a trinity of rehandled knives a good friend has done for me ............

Go on save yourself a small fortune - dont by a new custom knife just refurbish your old and trusted blade ....................

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